• Brainwashed Republic

    Brainwashed Republic gives a fact based tour of the lies, biases and propaganda that makes up the current NCERT history text books. It is a first of its kind effort in the country wherein the NCERT history text books are critically analyzed, factually tested and the underlying patterns in the books are examined and exposed. Read More
  • Why Brainwashed Republic?

    Books, like any other human creation, are susceptible to errors due to the fallibility of humans. Modern science accepts this shortcoming of human beings and has consequently designed methods to minimise the possibility of errors during experiments. One of the most widely accepted methods is making a large number of calculations and then using the average value to be the true value of the quantity to be measured. The basic assumption behind this method is that errors are random in nature, that is, for a large number of values, if a few experimenters err on the positive side then there will be some who will err on the negative side. Therefore, when a large number of such values are averaged, the errors of the opposite sides will cancel out each other. Had the distortions of NCERT books been of the same random nature, there would have been no need to write this book. The scrutiny of the entire content, from class 6th to class 12th, shows that the version of history being presented in these books is tilted heavily against one side: of India’s ancient heritage, religion, culture, social leaders, scriptures and even its language. Every lie, distortion, speculation, and Read More
  • Brainwashed Republic challenges NCERT Propaganda

    The NCERT history textbooks, read and internalised by millions of children every year, are supposed to be the product of the highest academic quality and honesty. But in this case, the ‘expert historian’ has been quietly replaced by a propagandist. The propagandist unashamedly plays havoc with our history. Instead of facts, he uses all the propaganda techniques in creating a fiction, which he then passes on to our children as the ‘authoritative’ history sanctioned by the Indian State. The principal technique used in these NCERT history textbooks is to lie and lie big. Instead of teaching historical assertions based on facts, this propagandist tries to create a picture of our past based on hearsay, conjectures and obviously, outright lies. The NCERT history writers showcase their masterful skills in using propaganda techniques like ad nauseam: appeal to authority, appeal to prejudice, bandwagon, big lie, cherry picking, classical conditioning, disinformation, euphemism, exaggeration, glittering generalities, guilt by association, half-truths, intentional vagueness, labelling, loaded language, oversimplification, testimonial, third party technique, unstated assumption, thought-terminating cliché, and transfer or association. And, the target of these seasoned propagandists is an innocent and trustful child. This child must read these books cover to cover; remember the ‘facts’; appear Read More
  • Brainwashed Republic is a citizen initiative

    Brainwashed Republic is a citizen initiative to reclaim our history and stop deracination of the children. An important choice is to be made by us as a society and as a nation – to continue to allow history to be a captive of a narrow and divisive ideology, or a history based solely on facts, a history that does justice to this country’s rich heritage and culture.So far, our successive governments, deciding on our behalf, have opted for and allowed ideology of the ruling dispensation and its kowtowing historians to drive the historical narrative of this country. These politically driven ideologies run counter, not only to the interests of the nation and its citizens, but also to historical facts. The veneer of objectivity easily cracks when confronted with facts. The slants and the lies are too obvious for an objective reader, as preceding pages prove.Isn’t it time we purge this deception and make a choice for merit and fact based history? Don’t the children of this country deserve a truthful history rather than a bunch of lies and biases wrapped up as history in their school text books?Is it impossible to replace an agenda driven history with a history based solely Read More
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  • Young and impressionable minds of the children are being hijacked to be more prone to accept the narrative of breaking India forces… The current NDA government is committed to look afresh the issue of history writing. This book can be certainly an important one for such an endeavour.
    Subramanian Swamy, Hon’ble Rajya Sabha MP
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