The education system of India has been thoroughly compromised. It is being systematically used to create a historical grand narrative which is ethically and factually incorrect. Sophisticated propaganda techniques are employed to create this artifice.

The distorted portrayal is neither an accident nor an aberration. Every lie, distortion, speculation, and conjecture that is employed in manufacturing the Indian history has a well-designed objective. It builds a false narrative for the gullible students to absorb and imbibe in their psyche. The message, though subtle and executed by masters of deception, is yet very clear. It depicts an Indian society, culture and religion drenched in misogyny, discrimination, cruelty, imperialism, inequality and superstition. India is shown as a disjointed and artificial entity consisting of historically antagonistic social and cultural entities.

This book is an effort to highlight this academic fraud. It is a result of research spread over more than six years. Facts are the guiding light for the book and not any ideology.

The book exposes the blatant manner in which democratic institutions are being used to subvert the thought process of Indians. It exposes how this academic subversion sows the seeds of social unrest among various groups on the basis of linguistic, regional and caste identities.

Our fellow citizens have every right to know what lies are being peddled in name of history. We hope that bringing these facts to public domain will help in eradicating these distortions from Indian history. It is high time that the decision makers take preventive and corrective measures to avoid the damage that this subversion can lead to.

  • Young and impressionable minds of the children are being hijacked to be more prone to accept the narrative of breaking India forces… The current NDA government is committed to look afresh the issue of history writing. This book can be certainly an important one for such an endeavour.
    Subramanian Swamy, Hon’ble Rajya Sabha MP
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